Long Short Term Memory model (LSTM) is a recurrent neural networks (RNN). RNN is a type of neural network that is powerful for modeling sequence data such as time series, natural language, or speech recognition.

In RNN, connections between nodes form a directed graph along a temporal sequence, which allows…

In my last post, I talked about some basic concept of time series, for example, components of time series data, feature engineering, and visualization. This post is the second part of introducing some fundamental concepts about time series and ARIMA model.

The data we will use in the ARIMA model…

Machine learning and big data are both popular and attractive in the real world applications. Everyone is excited about machine learning and big data, especially when machine learning meets big data. It should be a perfect combination because theoretically more data, machine learning algorithms can better learn the representations and…

Probability distribution is a fundamental and critical concept in statistics and data science. This article is aiming to provide a summary of probability distribution and its applications.

The post includes:

  1. what is probability distribution
  2. types of probability distribution
  3. expected value and standard deviation
  4. application of probability distribution

1. What is probability distribution?

Probability distribution is…

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